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Empower all with barrier free access to safer and more convenient commute than the private car at a much lower cost.

Transportation of the people, by the people, for the people. Savvy, data-driven infrastructure enables a profoundly walkable city's multimodal ecosystem.

Seamlessly deploy, enforce and
make micro-mobility work
with the most robust active mobility rental / sharing across the board.

ultimōdl is granting a few chosen cities access to Ai Urban Mobility Framework, uniting dynamic human-centric design and cutting-edge technology to radically improve urban life.

The framework significantly boosts the impact and payoff of your city's transportation infrastructure, enabling multifold increase in accessibility, affordability and reach.

Ergonomic vehicles, flexible and enforceable operation models and policies, and comprehensive democratized multi-modal infrastructure management enable a next-generation commuter centric transportation system that dramatically improves convenience, reduces costs, and enhances compliance and street safety.

Spread ❤️, not Safety Hazards and CO2

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Boost Active Mobility with
Commute built around the People,
not the other way around.